Employee Engagement and Talent Management


From innovative talent strategies and best practices to integrated actions and solutions.

Identifying, motivating and retaining talented employees are top priorities in business and can make or break a company. But how do you make sure you're motivating key talent? How do you know you've created the right conditions for people to achieve their full potential? How do you ensure that workforce initiatives support your organisation's business strategy?

For decades, our Talent Management consultants have partnered with leading companies all over the world to answer those questions. We start with a single premise: When you align people strategies with business objectives, you achieve superior results.

We can help you assess talent needs and design, implement and communicate innovative, integrated talent solutions. With a single, fully integrated talent strategy that works well across borders, you can maximize the potential of an engaged workforce—and achieve superior results.

Our breadth and depth of experience in developing and implementing talent management solutions—focus on engaging and reinforcing employees' contributions to organizational performance—is unmatched. Our initiatives can be applied to broad-based workforce needs, or targeted to key segments, such as executives or the sales force, and you can:

  • Align talent initiatives to business goals
  • Reinforce a culture of high performance
  • Measure and raise the sales force effectiveness
  • Motivate, engage and retain talented people, strengthening your pipeline of energized employees
  • Plan and map a robust career progression and development framework
  • Achieve higher returns on your people investment

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Employee Engagement

Going further than Employee Satisfaction.
  • Why do employees stay with organizations and why do they leave?
  • Why do some employees give significantly greater effort in support of their company's or team's success than others?
  • Can employees' behaviour be predicted and influenced?
  • What allows organizations to create a competitive advantage through their people?

Business leaders everywhere are concerned about motivating their workforce and engaging their employees. It is essential that you build passion and commitment among your people. Without this, your business strategy is partly in the hands of fate.

Aon pioneered the measurement of Employee Engagement—shifting the focus from “employee satisfaction” to “employee engagement” back in 1994. Engagement is the energy and passion employees have for what their employer is achieving in the market. Research results show that it has a much stronger connection to business results. Today, our world-class survey and consulting processes provide our clients with an unrivalled ability to understand what's on the minds of their employees and how best to respond.

Our consultants have helped companies all over the world improve their results, through increasing employee motivation and connection to the goals and strategy of the business, so as to foster a culture of dedication and commitment. Aon can partner with you to measure and benchmark your employee engagement annually. We can take your organization farther, showing you how to create engaged employees who are more likely to stay with the company and act as advocates for your organization, striving to produce extraordinary results. Our analyses allow us to identify and measure the engagement drivers that have the most impact in inspiring employees to recommend their employer and their products, and to perform beyond requirements.

From standard web-based surveys to highly customized research, our consultants can deliver findings to you quickly and in multiple languages. With data collected from 4,000 organizations worldwide, our consultants can provide you with a range of geographic, industry and performance benchmarks. In Turkey, we offer services with our database from over 350 companies and 350.000 employee surveys. Interpretation of survey data can also be enriched through a variety of interventions focused at different levels and units of the organization and can result in focus group, action- planning, targeted workshops and relevant recommendations.

The real advantage of partnering with Aon is that our experience goes well beyond being a survey provider to helping you to take action based on our findings.

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Aon Best Employers™

Measurement and recognition of employer excellence.

In today’s competitive global job market, simply being a well-known company or having a visible consumer brand is not enough to attract and retain top talent. Organisations have to create a competitive advantage through their people. Aon Best Employers program measures and recognises employer excellence, anywhere in the world.

Aon has been running Aon Best Employers studies across the globe for more than 15 years. This experience gives us unmatched global data and experience combined with consistent and robust methodology.

Our research study publicly recognises best employer organisations that have created great work environments marked by:

  • Effective leadership
  • High performance orientation
  • A compelling employer brand
  • High employee engagement

We get feedback from your people for these 4 areas (Leadership, Performance Culture, Employer Brand & Engagement). Your company will gather employee opinions using a specific set of questions. The questions are included in Aon’s standard engagement survey and can be administered as part of the regular employee survey or as a separate survey.

Aon sets the top quartile thresholds for the four indices annually, using data from its global employee research database.

Benchmarks are established for homogeneous groups of countries with similar cultural and employment practices, ensuring that the Aon Best Employers program has both globally consistent methodology and culturally relevant benchmarks. Depending on where you participated, your company can achieve local, regional or global recognition

At Aon we know that becoming a best employer is a journey in an organisation’s development, and organisations do not get there overnight. But it is a journey that is worth it!

Are you ready to accept the challenge?

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Sales Force Effectiveness

Improving your return on investment in the sales force.
  • Are we getting the highest productivity from our sales force?
  • Have we best applied our resources to effectively and efficiently serve our customers?
  • Do we attract and retain sales and leadership talent with the skills to meet customer needs?
  • Are our sales people motivated to meet and exceed our business goals?

Improved sales performance sparks innovation, drives productivity and improves business results. Aon’s Sales Force Effectiveness works with organizations to identify, prioritize, pursue and capture profitable revenue growth opportunities as dictated by corporate strategy, the competitive environment and customer requirements.

We partner with clients to drive sales performance, by improving their ability to translate business drivers into an operational sales strategy that generates value for the business. We believe that improved sales performance is accomplished by creating alignment between the business drivers, sales organization design, talent management, and performance and reward programs.

Using an integrated sales force effectiveness approach, we can work with your sales force to drive and sustain higher business performance by:

  • Aligning the sales process to current customer needs, market opportunities and business goals
  • Analysing and modelling the sales force capacity and performance and measuring its effectiveness
  • Quantifying and managing the sales costs and investments with certainty
  • Developing actions and tools to raise sales performance
  • Engaging and motivating sales leaders and the entire sales force to become more productive, enabling it to deliver higher business value
  • Creating an integrated strategy to ensure the highest return on investment from your sales people

Our Sales Force Effectiveness Audit provides a review of the barriers to productivity, along with recommendations about how to get a better return on the selling expense, either through improved productivity per head, transferring activities so as to lower cost resources, or improving alignment of pay to business goals.

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